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Hair care - Protection Nourishment Treatment

Hair care - Protection Nourishment Treatment

Did you know that 78% times your hair gets damaged because of improper hair care?

Human Hair is an organic product which is mainly composed of protein. It is not a robust damage-proof rough and tough material which can withstand all the carelessness of the world yet survive beautiful and shiny! No! Hair is a delicate natural product which requires care :) Always 

1. Protect Your Hair

2. Nourish Your Hair

3. Treat Your Hair

Yes ladies, the Virgin Hair which you buy and use is just like any other natural thing around you. If you care for it, it will last you longer. If you mishandle it, it will turn out to be rough, faded and damaged.

These guidelines apply to your real virgin hair whether it is a Hair Wig or Hair Weaves, Hair Extensions installed, or any type of Lace Wig or frontal Wig of different Brazilian Hair Peruvian Hair Styles.

Heat  Dust  Sweat  Fine Toothed Comb Combing Wet Hair Wrong Combing Technique Combing Vigorously Use of Excessive Harmful Chemicals  Coloring Bleaching Excessively Hair Dryer at High Heat  Straightening Iron without heat protection Spray

These are some of the Don'ts, whereas an individual woman must care for her beautiful remy hair as she would care for an expensive pair of clothes or her own real hair.

It can last you long, provided you do the proper hair care as you would for your own expensive clothes or your own real hair.

Protect your hair from Sun Light and Heat, 
protect from dust and dirt, 
wash when sweaty, 
Provide regular nourishment and condition your hair with mild natural conditioners 
dry with medium heat, 
never comb when wet, 
always comb when dry, 
use a wide toothed comb for combing, 
comb starting to detangle from the lower ends first then work your way to detangle the upper strands, 
always use heat protection spray when using hair iron or curling tools, 
do a wig treatment at our Salon in Durban for R99 at least once a month or twice if getting sweaty excessively, 
😍and last but not the least, handle it with care coz it's delicate pure human hair and you all look beautiful in real hair, whether it is Brazilian Hair or Peruvian Hair or any other Human Hair 😍

Take Good Care of yourselves
And create a smile for everyone

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